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President's message


Irene Leung 
2017 President


It is my great honor to welcome you here ── the family of JCI Victoria

In 2017, our slogan is “SEED OUR FUTURE. Seed represents “Social responsibility, Empathy, Empowerment and Dedication”.

We focus on our members’ development ── with social responsibilities to serve our community and with empathy to people in need. With dedication, our young people can be empowered through our impactful projects.

One of our flagship projects, "Grandparents’ Day" aims to strengthen relationship across three generations and promote the importance of family values in our society.  Another flagship project,  “innoBrand” will bring insights and experiences of innovative brand building strategies to young entrepreneurs. Working closely with the Government, various corporations, community leaders and our global partners, our actions will create a positive movement, spreading the spirits of Active Citizenship across our community, nations and the world. 

Our mission is “to provide development opportunities that empower young people to have positive change”. We believe there's important stage for young people to gaining opportunities for their development, being a better self and thus bringing us a better world. Let’s SEED OUR FUTURE!