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Alumni Club


Only graduates are eligible as member of Alumni Club.  Graduates, we mean, our members who have attained 40 years of age and embrace on another stage of membership with JCI Victoria.  

Through recreational and leisure activities organized by Alumni Club, and support, guidance and participation in in events, our Senior Members stay connected, and share with us their joy and experience with JCI Victoria for advancing JC movement.  

Since formation in 2007, our Alumni Club has organized Lunar New Year Day-3 Hiking every year.  Today, Alumni Club take a key role of liaison and participation in activities of Alumni Club of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong.    

      Chairman of Alumni Club
      2020      Ida Woo
      2018 & 2019      Sita Lee
      2016 & 2017      Albert Ng
      2014 & 2015  Portia Leung
      2012 & 2013
     May Lee
      2011      Senator Jimmy Bonds Lam
      2010    Senator Thomas Sun
      2009 Ida Woo
       2008    Senator Angela Ying