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International Area of Opportunities


Through the network offered by Junior Chamber International, members of JCI Victoria could widen their international perspectives and foster brotherhood with international local Chapters through twinning with Sister Chapters,conferences, visits and gatherings.



Annual schedule (Exact schedule subject to confirmation.)  

   January      Reception for JCI World President    Hong Kong
   April   Anniversary, JCI Dongdaemun    Seoul, Korea
   June    JCI Asia Pacific Conference (ASPAC)  (2020) Angkor, Cambodia
(2019) Jeju, Korea
(2018)  Kagoshima, Japan

(2017)  Ulaanbaatar, Outer Mongolia  
(2016)  Kaohsiung, Taiwan
   May Asia Pacific International Cities Conference (APICC)    (2020) Angkor, Cambodia
(2019) Seoul, Korea
(2018) Tokyo, Japan
   July    Anniversary, JCI Tainan Tainan, Taiwan
   November    JCI World Congress (2020) Yokohama, Japan
(2019) Estonia, Tallinn
(2018)  Goa, India

(2017)  Amsterdam, the Netherlands
(2016)  Quebec, Canada   
      International projects.
  • Supporting JCI Toyohashi project:  About 100 Japanese, Hong Kong students, and Toyohashi Jaycees had learning about working in Hong Kong (2016)
  • APICC:  Hong Kong (2012, 2006, 1997)  
  • International Kids Exchange Summit:  About 30 kids (10 kids each from JCI Victoria, JCI Osaka and JCI Taipei) got together to foster positive values for their life (2007-2009)

        Asia Pacific International Cities Conference
  •  Only first Chapters in capital cities of Asia Pacific region are eligible as Member.
  • From 1997, “5-LOM Meeting” turned to become Asia Pacific International Cities Conference (APICC) at which JCI members get together to discuss global topics befitting young business people of Asia, such as postwar problems, economy, environment and security etc.
  • The first APICC meeting was kick-off in Hong Kong in 1997 when the colony was returned to China regime, holding discussion on problems relating to repatriation.