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Individual Area of Opportunities


Through various leadership training programs, JCI Victoria offer Individual Area of Opportunities for our members to develop valuable skills such as goal setting, time management, public speaking, parliamentary procedures and protocol etc., thereby equipping members with necessary techniques to become future leaders of the community. 



The JCI organization also provides an avenue for conducting training sessions to develop trainers. Quite a number of Victorians are certified JC trainers.


Our opportunities are not limited to training sessions.  Every single activity in JCI Victoria could develop our potential and skills.  To grasp the opportunity, do actively participate!

      We consider leadership development should not be limited to our members and training room sessions.  Our leadership development projects have included: 
  • Speaking Competition:  Overcoming Global Challenges by Developing Young Leaders & Entrepreneurs
  • Personal Dynamics:  What They Don't Teach You in MBA  
  • Road to Success 踏上青雲路
  • Weekly Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs Interview Series at Ming Pao 明報每週青年才俊訪問系列