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Grandparents' Day



fond presentation to all Grandparents    謹此獻給天下的祖父母




First launched in 1990, Grandparents’ Day is a flagship project of JCI Victoria.  The project is self-explanatory as to advocate and promote a day for our Grandparents.



Grandparents’ Day aims to foster harmonious relationship for the three generations (grandparents, parents and grandsons/daughters) and associated to this, our concern for elderlies who constitutes majority of grandparents today.

      For the past decades, the Grandparents’ Day project has taken on stage with different activities, including Exemplary Grandparents Selection, health talk, visits to elderlies home, variety show, wedding gown cat walk, survey on specific issues, charity run, essay/ bookmarks competition, and recently, fostering cross-generation “link”.
  • (2019)  30th Grandparents Day Grandparenting 隔代教養跨代共融
  • (2018)  3 Generation Veggie Caring 共聚素宴展溫情
  • (2017)  3 Generation Meal Full with Fun   三代同堂食滿Fun
  • (2016)  3 Generation Soup Caring  甜孫三代暧湯溢愛顯關懷 
  • (2015)  3 Generation Cooking Competition  甜孫三代煮出滿Fun烹飪比賽
  • (2014)  Better Meal & Photo for 3 Generation 三代同樂留膳影 
  • (2013)  Facebook Linking 3 Generations 面書串連三代情
  • (2012)  Fun at Disneyland for 3 Generation  三代奇妙旅程