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Business Area of Opportunities


The Business Area of Opportunities give members of JCI Victoria the chance to promote economic development by conducting projects to promoting entrepreneurial activities, committing concept of sustainable economic growth, and reaffirming principle that “economic justice can best be won by free men through free enterprise” (JCI Creed). 



Since 2006, innoBrand has been a flagship project of JCI Victoria in pursuit of promoting economic well-being and exploring business opportunities of Hong Kong community.


Besides, JCI Victoria launch other business area projects.  Notable examples include:

  • Live ITIT Life Symposium「活在科技生活・掌握資訊商機」會議
  • SME e-marketing campaign 中小企網上宣傳運動
  • Ten Outstanding Young Digital Persons Selection 十大數碼青年選舉
  • Rose Garden Plan 玫瑰園計劃
  • China Needs WTO・WTO Needs China seminar
        Live IT・IT Life Symposium 「活在科技生活・掌握資訊商機」會議
  • The Symposium, held in 2004, was selected as one of the 100 projects to celebrate JCI's 100 Years of Impact in 2015 for contributing to JCI and United Nation's Millennium Development Goals (MDG), amongst thousands impactful projects launched by JC over the world riding on a century's time.  
  • The Symposium featured a two-day event including seminars, trade shows and discussion forums, attended by 400 participants.  It contributed to MDG#8 - Develop a Global Partnership for Development.