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Be with us



Join as Prospective Member (PM) - during 6-month period:  

  be-with-us-1-oc.png Organizing Committee
  • Be OC member for least 2 projects for you to experience your opportunities ahead.
  be-with-us-2-pmo.png Prospective Members Orientation
  • Attend a PMO for you to understand JCI organization more.
  be-with-us-3-interview.jpg Interview
  • Talk with our Board of Directors to have mutual understanding.
  be-with-us-4-induct.png Induction ceremony
  • Lastly, let's welcome you, usually at our Monthly Fellowship Gathering.
    icon-join-first.png Most senior Chapter means ...
  • As the earliest established Chapter of Junior Chamber International Hong Kong (JCIHK), JCIVictoria share the same birth date of JCIHK - 6 May 1950.
  • JCIVictoria ranks the first among the 21 local Chapters in official precedence list of JCIHK.
Bilingual Chapter means ...
  • Both English and Chinese are the official language.  
  • In practice, English is used in formal meetings to follow tradition and language used by JCIHK. Chinese or Cantonese is used in social functions and community events.
    icon-join-charity.png As a charitable organization ...
  • Donation to JCIVictoria is tax deductible.
  • JCIVictoria shall be a company limited by guarantee and bound by Companies Ordinance (Cap 622). 
  icon-join-not.png If not a Victorian ...
  • Ooh... you miss opportunities then.
  • As occasion fits, our activities may permit non-members to join.  See the chance.